ZGSM Forum

The ZGSM Forum offers math graduate students and postdocs an opportunity to obtain information and share advice on topics mostly related to career development. It consists of lunch-time panel discussions with 3-5 mathematicians (usually from the Zurich community), taking place twice per semester alternating between UZH Irchel and ETH Zentrum.

  • All members of the ZGSM and all Zurich math postdocs are cordially invited:
  • A free light lunch for all participants will be provided starting 12:00.

Finding opportunities outside academia

Friday, May 17 2024, 12:15-13:15
ETH HG G 19.1
Christina Heinze-Deml (Apple), Ashkan Nikeghbali (UZH), Corentin Perret-Gentil (Daedalean), Ana Radovanovic (Google)